Family Caravans

A great Australian family caravan adventure is one of the best ways to make memories to last a lifetime. Leader has two styles of family-friendly caravan for sale from Leader.

Leader Gold LE

Up to 6 Up to 6
Semi off-road Semi off-road
Toilet* Toilet*
Shower* Shower*
Laundry* Laundry*

Leader Gold LE lets you take your whole family on a relaxing Australian touring holiday. This semi-off-road family caravan is ideal for families who don't want to rough it under a tent but still want to go camping in out-of-the-way locations.

Leader Xpedition

Up to 6 Up to 6
Off-road Off-road
Toilet Toilet
Shower Shower
Laundry* Laundry*

Our full off-road family caravan is the Leader Xpedition. With all the modern comforts of home and the ability to take you and your family on adventures beyond the sealed roads of civilization to where the wild things are.

Our luxury family caravans have enough room for everyone. No matter their age, everyone loves spending time in a leader.

Because no two families are alike, we have developed a comprehensive range of flexible family caravan interior floor plan designs in consultation with seasoned family caravan enthusiasts to cater to your clan's camping needs.

Our modern family caravans feature bunk beds, ample storage, a full ensuite bathroom, and a multimedia entertainment system, depending on the model. Also included are full-size kitchen appliances such as an oven, grill, microwave, range hood, refrigerator, and even a washing machine can be installed.


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I am looking for a family caravan with bunks and ensuite; which model should I choose?

If you're looking for a stylish modern family caravan with an ensuite bathroom, you've come to the right place.

The Leader family caravan models on this page offer flexible interior floor plan designs to cater for a variety of sleeping configurations, including our extremely popular space-saving bunk beds.

Leader has cleverly designed our family caravan bathrooms to make the most of limited space while not sacrificing the quality of the amenities.

Your new Leader family caravan includes a ceramic swivelling toilet, ceramic ensuite basin, one-piece moulded shower, and a 28lt stainless steel gas/electric H.W.S. with in-cabin ignition for both gas and electric operation.

What is included as standard in your family caravan kitchen?

Our smartly designed family caravan kitchen is fully equipped with high-end small-living full-sized appliances, allowing you to camp cook with all the comforts of home.

Your Leader family caravan includes a fully integrated internal kitchen with a sink, drawers, 23lt microwave, 188lt double door fridge, a flush-mounted vented range hood, a full oven with grill, and a 3 gas / 1 electric cooktop with a Laminex cover to extend the bench space when not in use.

What size vehicle can tow a family caravan?

When buying a family caravan, it's important to know how much your vehicle can pull, as stated by the manufacturer. Check your owner's manual or the vehicle manufacturer's website to make sure you know how much you can tow. It's important to remember that the capacities of vehicles with automatic or manual transmissions and with gasoline or diesel engines are often different.

You'll also need to know what your vehicle's maximum towball load is, which will limit your choices for a caravan. The most a vehicle can pull is limited by the lowest capacity part of its towing set-up, such as the towbar, the towball, or the vehicle pulling it. Towballs must have a rating stamped on them, and that rating must not be exceeded. On towbars, both the overall capacity and the download capacity are marked, and neither one should be exceeded.

For example, your car may be able to legally pull up to 2100 kg, but it may only have a towbar that can pull 1200 kg. In that case, you can't weigh more than 1200kg. Look for a plate or label attached to the towbar that says who made it and how much weight it can hold. Check the owner's manual for the maximum allowable Gross Combined Mass (GCM), which is the maximum weight of both the car and van with all their contents. To make sure this GCM limit isn't exceeded, add your vehicle's total recommended mass (GVM) to the potential family caravan's Aggregate Trailer Mass. (ATM).

Lastly, when it comes to towing capacity rules, check the owner's manual for your car to see how much it can pull. If you are pulling a trailer and also have a lot of heavy stuff in the back of your car, you could overload the back axle. This is dangerous and against the law.

If your caravan is small, you'll have a wider range of possible towing vehicles to choose from. Family caravans, on the other hand, tend to be bigger, so you'll need to give more thought to choosing the right towing vehicle.

Four-cylinder cars with 2L engines or more can usually only pull trailers that weigh between 1000kg and 1200kg, as long as the manufacturer's ratings for the car and towbar are high enough.

Some sedans and wagons with six cylinders or eight cylinders can pull lightweight single-axle campers and caravans that weigh up to 1700 kg without any trouble.

Many medium-sized to large SUVs and 4WDs can pull trailers that weigh up to 2500kg before they become too heavy.

There aren't many vehicles that can tow three tonnes or more, but Ford F250s and LandCruisers do a great job in this category.

Just remember that when you're getting ready to take a family caravan on vacation, you should go to the nearest weighbridge to check its loaded weight with full water tanks and all your gear to make sure it doesn't weigh more than your vehicle can tow.

Where can I view or buy a family caravan built by Leader?

Leader offers our stylish and affordable family caravans for sale through our long-established and dependable dealership partners.

You can view new and used Leader family caravans Australia-wide in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

You can talk to our dealers about trading in your pre-loved caravan for a Leader or get advice on the many interior layout configurations available to customise your family caravan to suit your needs.

Click here to find your nearest Leader family caravan dealership.

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